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Contractors Insurance

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Quote contractors general liability only or a package with coverage for tools or machinery

Coverage for tools can include miscellaneous tools or scheduled tools and equipment.  For scheduled equipment, you will need info prior to binding, such as year, make, model, description and serial number.  You do not need this information to obtain a quote.

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A Modern Quoting Method

You can request a quote from our easy online form.  No paper applications required for most types of contractors.

The Whole Package

Quotes can optionally includes tools, business personal property, or other equipment.

Repairs and New Home Construction

Repair, remodel, and new home contractors are eligible under most classes.

Our Top Contractor Classes

Below is a partial list of class codes that we can quote for contractors.  If you do not see it on the list, just ask.

Air Conditioning 91111
Appliance/Household 91155
Carpentry / Remodeling 91340
Carpentry / Interior 91341
Carpentry / New Const 91342
Ceiling & Wall 91436
Communication Cabling 91551
Driveway 92215
Drywall 92338
Electrical 92478
Fence 94276
Floor Covering Install 94569
Furniture & Fixtures 95124
Handyman 95625
HVAC 95647
House Furnishings 96053
Interior Decorating 96611
Janitorial 96816
Landscape 97047
Lawn & Garden 97050
Masonry 97447
Office Machine 98111
Painting Exterior 98304
Painting Interior 98305
Paperhanging 98344
Plastering 98449
Plastering` 98449
Plumbing – Commercial 98482
Plumbing – Residential 98483
Septic Tank 98805
Sheet Metal 98884
Tile/Stone/Marble 99746
Window Cleaning 99975

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Number of Contractor Classes

More Options than General Liability

We have options for commercial package policies, which can include business personal property.  For contractors with tools and equipment, we can quote inland marine coverage.  We also have an option, in most states, that offers a general liability quote with $10,000 of miscellaneous tools and equipment for only $150 additional premium.