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Classes of Business We Write

We can quote over 500 lines of business in house with multiple

Classes of Business That We LOVE to Quote

  • Artisan Contractors
  • Caterers and Food Trucks
  • Child care
  • Commercial Umbrellas
  • Consignment Stores
  • Consultants
  • Distributors
  • Dwellings rented to others (1-4 family)
  • Fitness and Gyms
  • Food Trucks
  • Freight Forwarders
  • Home-Based Businesses
  • Importers
  • Lessors Risk – strip malls, offices, and more
  • Liquor Liability


  • Manufacturing
  • Miscallaneous Professional Liability
  • Mobile Retail Businesses (like fashion trucks and carts)
  • Notaries and Finger Printers (Live Scan operator insurance)
  • Offices
  • Petting Zoos and Pony Rides
  • Pools Cleaners and installers
  • Pollution Liability
  • Products Liability
  • Surety Bonds
  • Thrift Stores
  • Tree Trimmers
  • Retail Stores
  • Vacant land and Vacant Buildings
  • Warehouses
  • Wholesalers

1-4 Family Dwelling
AA Groups / Support Groups
Accident Reconstruction Expert
Accident Reconstruction Services
Accountants (With Or Without CPA)
Accounts Management Consulting
Accounts Receivable Consulting
Acoustic Consultants
Acoustic/Vibration Testing Lab
Acoustical Engineers
Acquisition And Development Activities
Addiction counselor
Administrative/Office Services
Adoption/Foster Care Agencies
Adult Day Care
Advertising Agencies
Advertising Agencies
Advertising Agency Insurance
Aesthetic Consultants
Agricultural Consultant
Air And Dust Testing Lab
Air BnB / VRBO Homes
Air Quality Consultant
Alarm Monitoring Services
Allied Health
Analytical Testing Laboratory
Anger management counselor
Answering Service
Answering Services (Non-Emergency)
Anti-Aging And Holistic Senior Services
Anxiety counselor
Apartment – Liaibility Only very competitive
Appliance Repair
Appliance Repair
Application Service Providers
Appraiser (Not Real Estate)
Appraisers (real estate)
Aquatic Toxicology Lab
Arborist & Tree Trimmers
Archaeological/Historical Preservation Consultant)
Architects And Engineers
Art/Dance/Drama/Music counselor
Artisan Contractors
Arts and Cultural
Asbestos Consulting
Asbestos Testing Lab
Asset Valuation
Association Administrators
Association Management
Association Services Consulting
Attitude And Opinion Surveys Services
Audio Visual Consultants
Audit Service (Non-Financial)
Auto Body Repair
Auto Lube and Oil
Back Office Services
Background Check Services
Background Screening Services
Backup Services/Data Archives
Bank Trust Departments
Bankruptcy Trustees
Bar & Bat Mitzvah Insurance
Barber Shops
Bars (gaming OK)
Bath House Insurance
Bathing Pavilion Insurance
Beauty / Barber / Nail
Beauty Schools
Beauty Schools
Beauty Shops
Beer and Brewery Consultants
Behavioral Clinic And Therapists
Benefit Administrators
Bill Payment Service
Billing Service (medical and other)
Biological Testing Lab
Boat Inspectors
Book Publishers
Bookkeeper (Accounting & General)
Broadcasters (TV, Radio And Cable)
Broadcasting/Communication Consultant
Builders Risk
Building Inspectors
Business Administration Consultant
Business Brokers
Business Communication Call Centers Services
Business Consultant
Business Manager
Business Plan Development/Review
Business Process Consulting
Business Support Services
Business/Operational Reengineering
Cable/Satellite Television Service Providers
Car Detailer (Mobile Permitted)
Car Windshield Repair
Career Consulting Claims Adjusters
Career counselor
Caterers and Food Trucks
Certification Services
Chat Rooms/Bulletin Board Hosting
Chemical Analysis & Testing Lab
Chiropractic Clinics
Civil Engineers
Claims Adjusters
Claims Administrators
Cleaning Service
Clean-Room Design
Closed Captioning Transcription Services
Closing Agents
Coaching Service
Collection Agencies
Co-Location Service Providers
Commercial Printers
Commercial Property
Communication Consultants
Communications Engineers
Community Services
Community Support Centers
Compliance Consultant
Compliance Consultants
Computer Billing Services
Computer Consultants
Computer Fraud Investigators
Computer Related Training
Computer Software Designs And Maintenance
Concessionaires and Kiosks
Concierge Services
Construction Managers
Construction Materials Testing Lab
Consulting On Hardware/Software
Content Oriented Websites
Content Provider For Web Page/Forum
Content Providers/Aggregators/Publishers
Contest Managers
Contractors Pollution Liability
Contractors Professional Liability
Convention Managers
Copy Editors
Copy Service (Multi)
Copy Writers
Corporate Events
Cosmetic Vendors
Cost Containment Consultants
Counseling Service
Courier/Messenger Services
Couriers and Delivery
Court Reporter
Court Reporters/Stenographers
Credit Bureaus
Credit Card Administration
Credit Counselors/Debt Consolidation
Crisis Management Consulting
Crossfit Gym Insurance
Custom Brokers
Custom Software Development
Customer Service Operations
Cyber Liability
Damage Appraiser (Auto)
Dance Instructor
Data Conversion
Data Management/Data Processing/Aggregating/Warehousing
Data Processing/Work Flow Configuration
Dating Services
Day Care / Child Care
Day Spas
Design/Build And Turnkey Contractors
Direct Mail Services
Direct Marketing Companies
Directory Publishers
Disaster Recovery Services
Dock Surveyors
Document Destruction Service
Document Management Service
Document Preparation
Document Shredders & Destruction
Documentary, Industrial, Commercial And Educational Producers (D.I.C.E.)
Drug Testing Administrators
Drum/Container Testing Lab
Dry Bars
EDP Operations
Education Consultants
Education/Guidance Counselors
Education/Training Services
Educational Consultant
Educational psychologist
Educational Research Services
Educational/Team Building Seminars
Electrical Engineers
Electrical Testing Lab
Electronic BBS
Electronic Data Counselors
Electronic Imaging
Emergency Response Consultants
Employee Benefit Administrators
Employee Benefit Consultants
Employee Leasing
Employee Screening/Background Checks
Employment Agencies/Services
Employment Agency
Energy Auditors
Energy Consultant
Enrolled Agents
Enterprise Resource Planning
Environmental Analysts
Environmental Consultants
Environmental Engineers
Environmental Impact Report Services
Environmental Permit Preparations
Environmental Risk Assessment
Environmental Site Assessment
Environmental Testing Lab
Equipment Repair
Ergonomic Consultant
Escape Rooms
Escape Rooms
Escape Rooms
Escape Rooms
Escrow Agents
Event/Meeting Planner
Executive Coaching
Executive Recruiters
Executive Search Firms
Executive Search Services
Exhibit (Exhibition) Designer
Exhibit/Museum Designers
Expert Witness
Expert Witnesses
Explosives Testing Lab
Facilities Management
Fact Finding Investigators
Family Services and Counseling
Farm Management Services
Fashion Trucks
Film And TV Libraries
Film Producers
Financial Planning Consultants
Fitness Centers, Yoga, Gyms
Fitness Consultants
Fitness Instructor
Flood Hazard Locators
Food Banks and Thrift Stores
Food Carts
Food Trucks
Foreclosure Agents
Forensic Analysis
Forensic Investigator (Consultant)
Forensic Testing Lab
Forestry Consultant
Freight Forwarders
Fulfillment Service (Mail Order)
Fulfillment Services
Fund Raising Services
Fundraising Consultant
Funeral Directors
Geotechnical Engineers
Golf Course Architects
Governmental Consultants
Grant Writing Service
Graphic Design
Graphic Designer
Graphic Designers
Green Building Consultant
Grief Recovery Consultants
Grief/Loss/Death/Dying counselor
Groundwater Contamination Assessment
Group Homes
Guidance Counselor (Vocational)
Guide Dog Trainers
Gyms / Yoga / Pilates / Fitness
Gyms and Fitness Centers
Hazardous Waste Consultants
HIPAA Consulting
Holiday Party Insurance
Home Health Aides
Home Healthcare Agencies
Home Stager
Home Stager
Homeless Shelters
Hood and Duct Cleaner
Hood, Duct, Exhaust Cleaner
Hormone Therapy
Horticultural Consultants
Horticultural therapist
Hotel / Motel
Hotel Managers/Consultants
Hotels and Motels
Housing and Shelters
Human Resource
Human Resource Consultant
Human Resource Consultants
Human Resource Outsourcing
HVAC Engineers
Hydrological Testing Lab
Incentive Plan Promoters
Independent Claim Adjusters
Independent Living Centers
Industrial Hygienists
Information Services
Information Technology Staffing
Inspector Services Insurance Consultants
Insurance Adjusters
Insurance Adjusters
Insurance Agents And Brokers
Insurance Consultants
Insurance Consultants
Insurance Fraud Investigators
Insurance Inspector
Insurance Inspectors
Insurance Investigators
Insurance Risk Manager
Insurance Support Services
Interior Designer
Interior Designer
Interior Designers/Decorators
Internet Marketing/Advertising
Internet Portals
IT Project Managers And Outsourcing Companies
Jerky & Spice Manufacturer
Judicial Research Services
Kidnap And Ransom
Kitchen Exhaust Cleaner
Kosher Food Inspectors

Laboratory/Research Facility Management
Land rented to others
Land Surveyors
Land used for Livestock
Landlords And Lessors Risk
Landscape Architects
Landscape Designers
Landscaping / Lawn Care
Lawn Care
Lawn Sprinkler Installer
Lead Consultants
Lead Generation Service
Lessors’ Risk
Letter Writing Services
Licensing Services
Life Coach
Lighting Design Consultant
Lighting Designers
Literary Agents
Literary/Modeling/Talent Agencies
Litigation Support Services
Loan Broker
Loan Servicing Agent
Localized Access Providers
Lock Smith
Loss Control ConsultantMagazine/Periodicals Publishers
Machine Repair
Mailing Service
Mall Kiosks
Managed Care
Management Audits
Management Consultant
Management Consultants
Management Seminars
Management/Billing Review Services
Managements Services Organizations (Msos)
Manufacturing – clothing
Manufacturing – furniture
Manufacturing – leather
Manufacturing – plastics
Manufacturing – rubber
Mapping/Photogrammetry Services
Marine Documentation Agents
Marine Surveyors
Market Research Consultant
Marketing Consultant
Marketing Firms
Marketing, Advertising, Communications
Martial Arts Studios
Massage Therapists

Meat Distributor
Mechanical Engineers
Mechanical Testing Lab
Media Buyers/Media Independents
Media Consultant
Medical Billing/Transcription Services
Medical Claims
Medical Imaging
Medical Offices
Medical Practice Management
Medical Spas
Medical Testing Labs
Medical Transcript Service
Medical Transportation
Meeting/Event Planners
Mental health therapist
Message/Paging Service
Mixed Use (apartments and lessors’ risk)
Mobile Boutiques
Mobile Home Parks
Mobile Vendors
Mold Consultants
Mortgage Bankers
Mortgage Brokers
Mortgage Closing Services
Mortuary And Funeral Services
Motivational Consulting
Multi-Media Content Providers
Multiple Listing Services
Museum Consultants
Museum Consulting/Management
Music (For Established Individual Artists)
Mutilmedia Liability
Network Design/Installation/Support
New Media’ Agencies
Newspaper Publishers
Non Profits
Non-Destructive Testing Lab
Non-ERISA Trustees
Notary (Bonds)
Notary Publics
Notary Services
Notary Signing Agencies
Oceanographic/Hydrological Testing Lab
Office Space Planner/Designer
Online Auctions
Online Publications
Online Publishers
Operational Consulting
Optics/Photometry Lab
Orchards, Groves, Farms
Organic Food Inspectors
Outpatient Social Services Inpatient
Outplacement Counselors
Paging Service Providers
Parenting counselor
Parking Lots
Parking Lots and Buildings
Pastoral counselor
Payroll Services
Pension Actuaries
Pension/Benefit Plan Consultants
Personal Appearances
Personal Concierge
Personal Mentors
Personal Trainer Insurance
Personnel Agency Consulting
Pesticides Or Herbicides Testing Lab
Pet Groomer/Sitter/Walker
Pet/Animal therapist
Photocopy Services
Photographer (Photography)
Photographic Studios And Photographer
Physical Therapy
Polygraph Operators
Pool and Billiards Hall
Pool Cleaners
Post-Production Activities
Premium Auditors
Premium Finance Companies
Pressure Washer
Print Broker
Printer (Mfrs)
Printing Services
Private Investigator
Process Consulting
Process Server
Process Servers
Product Testing Lab
Professional Employers Organization
Project Managers
Property Appraisers
Property Manager
Property Managers
Property Preservation
Psychiatric Care
Public Industries
Public Policy Consultants
Public Record Searchers
Public Relations Companies
Public Relations Consultant
Public Relations/Marketing Firms
Quality Assurance Consultants
Quinceanera Insurance
Radon Consultants
RCRA Compliance Consultants
Real Estate Agent
Real Estate Agents/Brokers
Records/Document Services
Referral Service
Referral Services
Registered Agent
Regulatory Compliance Consultants
Relocation Agents
Relocation Service
Remodeling Contractor
Research Organizations
Reserve Study Consultant
Residential Care Facility
Residential Drug Treatment
Restaurants / Cafes
Resume Writing Services
Risk Managers
Safety Consultants
Sales Promotion Companies
Sampling And/Or Monitoring Of Soil, Sediment And Air

Seafood Distributor
Screening Service
Security Business
Security Consulting Security System Consultants
Self esteem counselor
Seminar And Training Materials Consulting
Seminar Conductor
Senior Health Aides
Server Facilities
Shipping And Forwarding Agents And Customs Houses
Sleep counselor
Social Security Representative
Social worker
Software Development/Designers
Software Games/Online Games
Software Integration
Software Programming
Software Resellers
Software Security Consultants
Software Systems Training Or Support
Software Testing
Soil Engineers
Soils And Geotechnical Testing Lab
Solar Contractors
Space Planners
Speech Therapist
Speech Therapy
Sporting Events
Sports psychologist
Sprinkler/Fire Suppression System Design
Stack Testing Lab
Staffing Agency (Non-Certifying Professionals)
Statistical Consultant (Analysis)
Storage Archive Services
Strategic Planning Consulting
Stress counselor
Structural Engineers
Structured Settlement Consultants
Surface And Subsurface Investigations
Swap Meets / Flea Markets
System Analysts
Systems/Software Customization
Talent Agents
Tattoo Artists And Parlors
Tax Preparation Services
Tax Preparer
Tax Preparer
Teacher (Educator)
Technical Help Centers
Technical Writing
Technology Consulting
Telecom Consultant
Telecom Local Service Providers/Cooperatives
Telecom Long Distance Service Providers
Telecommunication Consultants
Telemarketing Service
Telephone Answering Services
Television Producers
Temporary Employee Leasing Firms
Temporary Help Agency
Testing Laboratories – Non-Medical
Testing Service
Third Party Administrators
Thrift Stores
Ticket Agents
Timber Consultants
Time And Records Management
Title Insurance Agents
Tour Operators
Tractor Pulls
Trade Journal Publishers
Traffic Consultants
Traffic Engineers
Traffic/Parking Consultant
Training And Certification Services
Training Consultants
Training Specialist
Translators & Interpreters
Transportation Program Management
Travel Agent
Truckers General Liability
Truckers General Liability
Trustee Consulting/Trust Management
Turnaround Consulting
Tutor Insurance (In Home Or Tutoring Center)
Tutors / Tutoring Centers
Upholsterer (Mobile Permitted)
Urban Planners
Utilities Review Services
Utility Notification Services
Vacant Building
Vacant Building Insurance
Vacant Land
Vacant Land Insurance
Value Added Resellers (Hardware/Software)
Vehicle, RV And Mobile Home Dealers
Vending Machines
Video Arcade
Video Producers
Video, Film, And TV Producers
Vinyl Lettering (Mobile Permitted)
Vinyl/Leather Repair (Mobile Permitted)
Virtual Reality Business
Virtual Reality Businesses
Virtual Reality Kiosks
Vocation Consultants
Vocational Schools
Vocational Schools
Voice Over Internet
Web Marketing
Website Designer/Developers
Website Forum Manager
Website Forum/Content Channel
Website Hosts
Website Owners
Wedding Planner
Weddings, Parties
Weight Management
Wellness counselor
Wetlands Specialists
Wholesalers and Distributors
Wildlife & Fishery Consultants
Windshield Repair (Mobile Permitted)
Wine Brokers
Word Processing Service
Youth Services
Zoo Zoo Riders (Animal Scooters) Insurance

Farm and Agriculture Insurance

  • Standing Crops or Crop Production (49454, 49455)
  • Groves or Orchards (49456)
  • Nurseries (15699)
  • Livestock (40045)
  • Aquaculture (49453)
  • Fruit/Vegetables Stands (18435)
  • Poultry Businesses
  • Swine Houses

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