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Distinguish your agency from all the rest – Show Your Value

Imagine if you could offer a discount for your clients when they rent a car?

icon-checkThe best part is that it helps your clients and your image – and there is no cost to you. You will look like a star to your clients.

Here is why you need a rental car discount code:

  • Your client does not have rental car coverage and asks you what to do when their car is disabled?  It would be great if you could offer them a discounted auto rental simply because they are a client of your rental car discountsagency.
  • Have you ever had a client who does not have rental car coverage on their policy and is in an accident?  Are they happy about this?  Probably not.  What if you could make them feel better by helping then get a discount on a rental car.
  • Do your clients rent vehicles for pleasure usage and then call to ask you about coverage?  Tell them about the coupon code to show them that you are more than just someone selling them insurance.  You want to help them even more with this valuable service.
  • Do you rent cars as part of your business?  Why pay full price, when you can use a discount code created just for you.


Sign up your business below for a free rental car discount code that you and your clients can use for no charge.  Help your clients save up to 25% on a rental at no cost to you.

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Stand Out in a Crowd of Agents

Discount for Producers

Our producers can use our Hertz CDP code for discounts: 2105180

Place this code into the CDP code box when booking at www.hertz.com