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Services for Insurance Agents and Brokers

Below is a list of services that insurance agents and brokers need as part of their business.  We have build a network of providers to which we an refer you to help make your business easier.  As an insurance professional you already wear enough hats, so you may not have time to find providers for services that you need.  You can also learn about how some of these services can help you increase your revenues and earnings.

Premium Financing

We can connect you with premium finance company that can tell you how they can make your life easier and increase your earnings.

application verification

Application Verification Service

Learn how you can earn additional revenue and reduce your exposure to incorrect information from your clients.

application verification

Lead Follow Up Service

Do you really follow up efficiently with your leads and call your clients just to say hello?  You need a service that follows up on your leads and makes outbound calls to your current clients to develop cross sale opportunities. Increase revenue through more sales.

application verification

Payroll for Insurance Agencies

Connect with a payroll company with a personal touch that also does not sell insurance.  Some payroll companies compete with you by selling workers comp, so support one that offers easy to use payroll service and that is not your competition.

*Services provided by a third party.  Your usage of these services releases Baker Insurance and Bonds LLC from any liability and hold it harmless. Baker Insurance and Bonds LLC may receive compensation from service providers if you purchase their services or buy something from a link on this website.